Do you have too many CS:GO skins lying around in your inventory and don't know what to do with them? Take a look at CS:GO betting sites and multiply the value of your inventory. Bet on your luck at roulette, demonstrate your e-sports knowledge in betting on CS:GO matches, or open cases to gain unique skins.


Find out which CS:GO betting sites will work well for beginners and which for advanced players! 


CS:GO low bet sites for beginners

If you're just starting out in CS:GO betting, try sites that don't require a large contribution and provide an opportunity to try out your gambling skills. What are the recommended CS:GO low bet sites?


If you have some cheap skins in your Steam inventory, a good one to start with would be the WTFSkins betting site. Here's why:

  • you don't have to deposit a penny to have access to all game modes,

  • with a promo code from you'll gain some starter currency, which, with good luck, you'll quickly multiply,

  • and if you already have some skins to deposit, you will definitely speed up earning and gain money that you can then use in more profitable online casinos,

  • the site is friendly to new users, and the games are uncomplicated,

  • withdrawal of skins is fast and easy, moreover, it does not require any deposit.


If you get bored with WTFSkins, try another CS:GO low bet site – CSGOEmpire. With our bonus code, you will get a free skin case to start. This site offers entirely different game modes (e.g. coinflip), on which you can earn just as fast and well. In addition, it allows you to bet on CS:GO matches using currency earned in casino games.


No matter which site you choose, be sure to check out the promo codes provided by beforehand. Free coins, CS:GO crates, currency, cashbacks – you'll gain all this if you just look at the list of codes for CS:GO betting sites!


Best CS:GO betting and case opening sites

If you're not a fan of casino games, you may find great excitement in opening unique CS:GO cases such as Hellcase.


How does it work?

  • Log in to the site and enter the promo code from,

  • gain a free case of unique skins, which will earn you for further openings,

  • pick pricier or cheaper CS:GO cases, earn more skins and compete with other players in a special case battle mode,

  • cash out what you've earned, or try to upgrade skins in contracts.


Hellcase works with many influencers and e-sports players. More than 3,000 players play there all the time. Moreover, it is easy to use and very visually appealing.


Once you get bored with CS:GO cases openings on Hellcase, be sure to check out what G4Skins has to offer. There you'll find personalized cases that offer a specific chance to get a particular skin of your dreams. Have you always wanted to dredge up an Asiimov AWP? This is the place where that dream has the best chance of coming true!


CS:GO esports betting sites

If you are interested in CS:GO and bookmaking, the CSGO500 website was created especially for you. It is an online casino offering hundreds of games with a separate module for betting on CS:GO matches. Deposit any amount and use your knowledge to multiply your bet. 


It's also a good place to go if you're familiar with any other e-sport or sport – CSGO500 offers bets on dozens of the most popular games from around the world.


All you have to do is look on and pick up a promo code for one of the listed CS:GO betting sites. Do you see how easy it is?