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What is Hellcase? Is this site legit?

Hellcase is a site that is based on opening CS:GO cases with skins for weapons, knives, and gloves. However, you won't find regular crates like in the game here. Hellcase stands out for its considerable selection of unique cases created by the community and well-known streamers and e-sports players, such as kennyS or Pago.


Hellcase is a completely legit CS:GO case opening site. This is evidenced using the “provably fair” algorithm, which ensures that every player has an equal chance. The chance of its drop is also shown next to each skin. This ensures that players are playing on clear rules from the start.


What features will you find on Hellcase?

This is one of the most popular CS:GO gambling sites on the Internet. You can find there:

  • hundreds of different CS:GO cases with unique skins that are hard to get any other way,

  • upgrader, which, if you're lucky, will swap your skin for another, much more valuable one,

  • profitable CS:GO contracts that let you exchange cheap skins for expensive ones,

  • special events with separate currency that will give you precious rewards if you play a lot.

  • plenty of opportunities for gifts, giveaways, free cases, skins, and many other rewards.

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How to use promo code for Hellcase?

On you will find the most profitable promo codes for all CS:GO gambling sites.


One of them is Hellcase. To use a wallet code on this site, go through the step-by-step guide below:

  1. Register on the website. To achieve this, link your Hellcase account to your Steam account.

  2. Click “PROMOCODE” button at the top of the Hellcase page.

  3. Type “CUPSELLPL” in the text field and click “apply”.


A while later your account will be credited with extra cash and a 10% refill bonus. 


How to withdraw CS:GO skins from Hellcase?

To withdraw skins earned on Hellcase CS:GO, you need to do the following:


  1. Set the visibility of your profile on Steam as “public”. Ensure that you can trade with other Steam users.

  2. Copy your trade URL from Steam (profile → equipment → who can send me an exchange offer? → external websites → copy your trade URL).

  3. Refill your account with a minimum of $2 to gain access to all the website's features. With a Hellcase 2023 wallet code from you will get extra cash.

  4. Click the avatar of your profile in the upper-right corner, then the gearwheel icon on the left. In the text box “trade URL” paste the link you copied earlier and click “save”. This allows you to withdraw skins from Hellcase.

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