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How to play and make money on Key-Drop.com?

If you want to get expensive skins for guns, knives, operators, and gloves in CS:GO, start gambling at Key-Drop.com.


Thanks to this site, you'll gain plenty of new skins much cheaper than if you bought them on the Steam marketplace.


What can you do on Key-Drop.com?

  • Open unique CS:GO cases that you won't find on any other site. Some of them were created by famous influencers;

  • Make CS:GO contracts that will allow you to exchange several weak skins for one much more valuable one;

  • Exchange skins in the one-of-a-kind “Upgrader” – take a chance and a $1 skin can become worth up even to ten times more;

  • Play with other players in a unique “Case Battle” mode – each of 3 players opens the same CS:GO case simultaneously. Whoever gets the best drop will claim the skins of the other players.


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How to get free cases, gold, and CS:GO weapon skins on Key-Drop?

Getting free items for CS:GO on Key-Drop is super easy. All you have to do is link your Steam account to your account on this site with the opening of CS:GO cases.


Now enter the “free gold” tab. There you will find a dozen simple challenges to earn this unique currency. Why unique? Because with it, you can open CS:GO cases not available any other way. Best of all – none of the missions require you to spend money. This is how you can get a Key-Drop free case to start!


That's not the only option for free CS:GO skins. Another one is “daily cases”. All you have to do is change your avatar on Steam to the Key-Drop logo. Moments later you will receive a free case, gold, or money to use on the Key-Drop website. You will receive another one the very next day!


If you have already done so, enter the special Key-Drop promo code for 2023 under the “promotional code” tab. You can find it below.


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