There have been many myths surrounding gambling in CS:GO over the past few years. After the 2016 lawsuits, many sites withdrew their operations for fear of legal consequences. However, even more gambling sites based on the CS:GO skin system have sprung up in their place. This time they operate under new, clear rules, so all players benefit.


So, what does gambling in CS:GO look like in 2023? Is it legal at all? And if so, how to start betting to avoid scam sites?


Origins of CS:GO gambling

Until 2013, Counter Strike was a series of regular tactical FPS games with great popularity in the e-sport's scene. Everything changed a year after the release of the latest part of the series – CS:GO – and the “Arms Deal” update. At that time, CS:GO cases and e-sports suitcases were introduced.


It was the beginning of the skin system in Counter Strike. A unique system, because once a skin was acquired, it could be sold on the virtual market for some amount of money. Moreover, each paint job was unique in its own way, and weapons with a “battle-tested” degree of wear and tear could look a little different each time.


Originally, the money raised from opening cases was to support e-sports teams in their development and help organize tournaments. The solution gained enormous popularity among and became a global phenomenon from the get-go. Everyone wanted a unique skin for their AK-47, AWP or beloved knife. The market for CS:GO cases and gambling grew rapidly until it went beyond Steam. And at this stage, the problems began.


Are CS:GO gambling sites even legal?

Concerns about the legality of gambling sites related to CS:GO game items appeared around 2016. At the time, 2 lawsuits were filed against such sites and Valve itself, which was accused of failing to do anything to stop unfair practices.


Several rogue sites were shut down at the time. A 7-day block on exchanging received items was also implemented. Moreover, Valve introduced a special case X-ray in CS:GO, which shows what falls out of it. In this way, the studio bypassed the requirements of the Gambling Act in France. At the same time, it also left an opportunity to relive the excitement of opening cases – to scan the next one, you have to accept a drop from a recently screened case.


However, this has not made gambling in CS:GO ceases to exist. On the contrary – now this market is better off than ever, as there are portals left that operate with clear rules. How to find them? Have a look at the list of fair CS:GO gambling sites at!


How to safely start gambling in CS:GO?

Firstly, it's a good idea to be aware of how gambling mechanisms in games work. You should also bet responsibly. It's also a good idea to familiarize yourself with the rules of specific sites beforehand. The most important information you should consider is:

  • Methods of deposit (e.g., CS:GO skins, cryptocurrencies, online transfers).

  • The use of a “Provably fair” algorithm to guarantee the fairness of draws (each site should have a separate tab on this topic).

  • The existence of restrictions related to the need to pay deposits (e.g., to unlock access to a new features).

  • The withdrawal system and the restrictions associated with it (e.g., the need to deposit money, wait for a particular skin to appear, exceed the designated level of virtual wallet wealth, etc.).


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