Want to buy  skins, but don't want to overpay on Steam? Or do you prefer paying by SMS? CSGOPaka.com is an  SMS shop where you can quickly and cheaply buy skins for  via phone, bank transfer or PaySafeCard. Become one of more than 16,000 satisfied users right now.


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 skins via SMS? Only at CSGOPaka.com!

If you want to buy  skins on Steam, you must first add a minimum of $5 to your wallet on this site, and you can only do this by bank transfer or PSC card.


At CSGOPaka.com, you get many more opportunities to buy  skins. You can top up your wallet with:


      online transfer,


      G2 Pay system,

      PaySafeCard (PSC),

      phone, thanks to the innovative SIM Pay system.


In addition, the minimum amount for charging up your account via SMS is less than $1. So if you want to try one of the most popular and trustworthy sites with  skins – you can do it even without a bank account! But first, check out the special promo code prepared by the experts at dreamcodes.gg. It will give you bonus points, with which you can buy skins much cheaper.


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Where can you buy a  key cheaply via SMS?

You can always find the cheapest  keys at CSGOPaka.com. This portal not only sells  skins, but also cases and keys. All you have to do is log in to this  SMS shop with your Steam account and buy the item of your choice via SMS or other forms of payment, such as PSC, SIM Pay, BLIK or online transfer.


How to buy a  key via SMS on CSGOPaka? It's child's play. After logging in to the portal, charge your account by sending an SMS of the desired value. When the money appears in your virtual wallet, use the filter on the left side of the interface. Select the “key” tab – a moment later all available offers for  keys will appear. Press the “buy” button, and a moment later you will receive an exchange offer on Steam.


Cases at CSGOPaka.com – the most popular  SMS Shop on the web

CSGOPaka is an online shop where you can find not only cheap  skins, but also various  cases. If you are looking for rare cases, you should definitely take a look at the offer of this site.


Want to feel the same thrill as your favorite streamers when they open the knife, but there's no way to make a bank transfer? No problem – just charge your wallet on CSGOPaka.com via phone or SMS and buy one of the available  cases. Then you will add a key to it and… done! The items will be ready to open after just a few moments.


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Promo code for CSGOPaka.com – only on dreamcodes.gg!

If you want to buy  skins you should definitely take interest in CSGOPaka.com offer. With the promo code from dreamcodes.gg you will receive free points, with which you can buy your dream skin or key even cheaper.


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