Are you new to the betting world? Do you want to see what it's like to win a good amount of money, but don't want to spend too much to get started? In that case, the perfect gambling site for you will be WTFSkins. 


Leave your CS:GO skins in deposit, convert them into gems and start playing the most popular gambling games – crash, jackpot, and roulette. See what it's like to win a lot of money with a small deposit.


WTFSkins – the best CS:GO betting site for beginners

What CS:GO betting site is good for beginners? After a lot of testing, it appears that a good gambling site to start with is WTFSkins. Why?

  • You don't have to deposit a penny to start playing. All you have to do is use the WTFSkins affiliate code for 2023 provided by

  • You have easy access to 3 of the most popular gambling games. They are easy to play, and at the same time they give a lot of satisfaction and provide an opportunity to win big money.

  • The interface is simple and user-friendly, even if you don't have much betting experience.

  • Withdrawing CS:GO skins and from other games is straightforward. All you have to do is exchange the gems you have earned for the skins of your choice.


On WTFSkins you will find 3 extremely addictive game modes that will provide you with a lot of CS:GO skins and a function for upgrading items in the depository:

  • Roulette – every 15 seconds a draw will pick a black, red or green number. Bet well and double your account balance or bet on green and hit the lottery!

  • Crash – a real must-play on WTFSkins. The multiplier is constantly increasing and the excitement along with it. Sometimes it will stop at x2, sometimes at x78. Cash out at the right time, and in a few moments you will gain up to several hundred dollars!

  • Jackpot – the more you bet, the greater the chance that you'll take down everyone else's bets. Or maybe you like to mix things up a bit, bet a little and claim the whole pot for yourself? If so, the jackpot at WTFSkins is for you!

  • Upgrader – all or nothing. Choose the CS:GO skin you want to upgrade, set the multiplier and count yourself lucky. Perhaps you'll win 20 times the value of the skin in a few moments?


Try your luck and skills on an excellent betting site for beginners. Simply use WTFSkins promo code 2023, which you'll find below.


Play on WTFSkins with our 2023 promo code

How to use an affiliate code on WTFSkins, and what do you gain with it?

  1. Register on the site with your Steam account.

  2. Click the “Free” tab at the top of the screen.

  3. In the “Affiliates” text box, type: "coinsell" and accept with the green button.

  4. This will earn you 0.25 gems and a 0.5% return on each bet!


How to withdraw CS:GO skins on WTFSkins?

If you collect enough gems, go to the “Withdraw” tab using the button in the upper-right corner of the screen.


Then exchange the gems for a CS:GO skin that you can afford. Also remember to paste your Trade URL from Steam on this page. How to withdraw this CS:GO skin? Click “Pruchase & Withdraw” button and wait for exchange offer on Steam.


There is no such thing as a minimum deposit value on WTFSkins. Although you can deposit a minimum of $1 to gain the opportunity to receive a free daily reward.


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