Want to play fair CS:GO roulette with a large active player pool and clear game rules? CSGO Polygon is a must-see site for you! Check out how roulette works on CSGO Polygon and get a promo code for free coins to start with dreamcodes.gg.


How to play the roulette game on CSGO Polygon?

Betting on CSGO Polygon is simple. First, create a new profile and link it to your Steam account. Then set aside the skins you want to bet on for deposit. For every $1 you will receive as many as 1,000 coins to use. Want to get some coins for free? You can use the special CSGO Polygon bonus code that you can find in this article on dreamcodes.gg!


Once you get the coins, you can start betting on CS:GO roulette. Set any bet amount you want. Choose a red number (1-7) or a black number (8-14). When the countdown is over, the draw will start. If the system picks your number, you will gain double the coins you bet.


Do you like to take risks? Great for you! Choose green 0 and gain 14-times of the amount you bet. The odds are definitely less right there, but the big prize will immediately make you want to play again.


Best gambling games on CSGO Polygon

Roulette is not the only game mode available on CSGO Polygon site. In addition to it, you will play such modes as:

  • “Match betting” – the odds depend on how many people bet on a particular team. Bet on the black horse of the tournament and gain a fortune!

  • “Tournament” – go and bet on the winner of the entire tournament, and the win multiplier depends on how many other players think the same as you.

  • “Crash” – you bet as much as you want and watch the multiplier grow. Be careful because the game can end at any moment! Pause the game before the crash to multiply your winnings by the multiplier indicated on the screen.

  • “Dice” – bet any amount on any range of numbers from 0 to 100. If your range is smaller, you reduce the chance of winning, but you significantly increase the prize if the system draws the numbers you indicated!

  • “Coin flip” – you have to choose one of the two sides of the coin and wait for the challenger. If the system draws your side of the coin, you claim the entire prize pool, including what your opponent has bet!


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Is CSGO Polygon legit?

On dreamcodes.gg there is a list of fully legitimate CS:GO betting sites. Want to test for yourself if CSGO Polygon is legit? In the FAQ on CSGO Polygon, you'll find a tab called “provably fair”. It contains information how roulette on the site works. This will give you confidence that it's worth playing on CS GO Polygon.


Best CS:GO roulette for free only on dreamcodes.gg

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