Betting in CS:GO can give a player a big cash shot in a few moments. However, it can also quickly drain him of all his funds. Winning and losing is a normal thing in gambling, so it's important to break through and consistently try to fight for the highest possible profit. From this article, you will learn how to bet in CS:GO roulette, crash and how to bet more effectively on Counter Strike matches.


Tactics and tricks on CS:GO roulette

The betting system you are about to become familiar with works on black/red roulette. It is the most popular system among the CS:GO roulette available on the Internet. 


At the very beginning, start with a low stake, such as a few CS:GO coins, which you get for free from promo codes available at The first time, you can bet either on red or black – you have full freedom. Follow your conscience. And if the site allows it – always place a low bet on green as well.


The next step depends on the result of the last draw. If you managed to betting well in CS:GO roulette, bet the same amount again on the same color. If you lost – stay with the same color, but double the bet. That way, even if you lose a few times, the later winnings will compensate you.


Each time you manage to win, put the money back in your deposit and start again with a low stake, the same one with which you started the game a few moments earlier. Why do this? If you use this tactic for betting on CS:GO, you will avoid the situation in which you will lose at once what you have gained throughout the game. If luck favors you, you will gradually accumulate considerable money!


Furthermore, remember to choose CS:GO roulette sites well. There are quite a few of them on the market, so check out our list of CS:GO gambling sites, which will definitely make it easier for you.


How to play CS:GO Crash?

CS:GO Crash is one of the simplest (by design) gambling games available at online casinos. All you have to do is wait for the multiplier to rise to the appropriate level and pay out the bet increased by the amount of that multiplier.


At first glance, it can be difficult to plan tactics for betting in CS:GO Crash. However, players have managed to find a trick that allows you to slightly increase the probability of winning.


Most importantly – do not overshoot the multiplier. In the balance of profits and losses, the most profitable seems to be a multiplier around x5. It is worth setting such one for yourself on the automatic payment of the prize. Occasionally, you may get several losses in a row, but a sufficiently high multiplier compensates for this at one time.


You can find a trustworthy Crash system on CSGO500 and WTFSkins, among others.


Betting on CS:GO matches – tips and tricks.

Bookmaking is an art almost as old as civilization. It is also a gambling game by far the least dependent on luck. What matters more here is the knowledge of the player. However, it's worth knowing a few rules so that you can win more and lose less betting on Counter Strike matches:

  • Remember that there is no such thing as a “100% sure bet”. Something unpredictable can always happen.

  • Every season is a clean slate for a given team. Never consider the form of the previous season, tournament, or league.

  • Bet small amounts at the beginning of a given tournament. Larger risks pay off only when you know that a given team is in good shape.

  • Don't bet on more than 2–5 matches at once.

  • Create detailed tables of results, forms of given teams. Sporadically, you will be able to find a black horse of the tournament, on which you can bet and profit a lot!

Wondering where to bet on CS:GO matches? Take a look at – there you will find sites where you can bet on both small tournaments and majors!