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Play on G4SKINS – open valuable cases and gain CS:GO skins worth hundred dollars!

How does G4SKINS work? It's simple. First, link your G4SKINS account to your Steam account. Then top up your account with a minimum of $2–$3, but before that, use the G4SKINS promo code 2023, which you can find below. This will give you a free charge bonus.


What game modes can you find on G4SKINS?

  • CS:GO cases opening with almost any set of skins – created by the site's developers and the community;

  • special occasional events – for Holidays, Valentine's Day, Halloween, and many others;

  • VS Battles – two teams compete in opening crates. Which team opens more of them – wins and claims all the prizes that the opponents have put up;


In addition, on G4SKINS, you earn account levels for performing all activities. You are rewarded with unique CS:GO cases, including a diamond one with knives and gloves, the key to which you will get at level 61.


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Is G4SKINS legit?

G4SKINS is a site with CS:GO cases and skins for this Valve game. Players can always cash out what they have earned. If a particular skin is not available on the site, they can exchange it for another one with similar value.


So far, no one has been cheated. Keep in mind, however, that this is a gambling website – you play on it to win considerable money, but you can just as easily lose what you gained moments before.


How to get promo code for G4SKINS in 2023? Only with dreamcodes.gg!

Before you start playing, be sure to use the promo code for G4SKINS for 2023 specially prepared by dreamcodes.gg. Thanks to it, you will gain:

  • an additional 5% bonus for each charge,

  • a code for a free case on G4SKINS.


How to use the charge code for G4SKINS?

  1. Log in to the platform with your Steam account.

  2. Go to the “promo code” tab.

  3. In the text box, type: CUPSELL.

  4. Receive the gift by clicking on the notification marked with a bell in the lower-right corner of the screen.


In addition, be sure to use the “daily bonus” tab on G4SKINS. After meeting a few simple requirements (described on the page), you will be provided the opportunity to draw one of the following attractive prizes:

  • code for a free case,

  • XP points to increase your account level (and increase your chance for better rewards),

  • money to use on the G4SKINS platform.


The more money you deposit into your account, the more often you will be able to spin the wheel. However, remember to use the charge code from dreamcodes.gg beforehand – you will gain even more with it!


How to transfer CS:GO skins from G4SKINS to Steam account?

Want to transfer the skins you've earned to your Steam account? Go to the inventory on G4SKINS, then select all the skins you want to transfer to your Steam account.


If there are these particular CS:GO skins in G4SKINS deposit, the bot will offer you an exchange. If they are not there, you will be offered to exchange them for other skins of similar value (with a surcharge or refund if their price is slightly different).

Ready for gamble? Use G4SKINS promo code for 2023 and start opening the best CS:GO cases on the market!