CS:GO Empire is one of the most trustworthy betting sites on the Internet. This is evidenced by the excellent opinion among players who bet millions of coins there every day. Join the legends of CS:GO Empire. Receive a free CS:GO case with our promo code and start betting without spending a single dollar!


How to play on CS:GO Empire in banned countries?

CS:GO Empire operates fully legally under the rules of an online casino with cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, this makes this site unavailable to players under the law in some countries.


If you live in the United States or the United Kingdom, the laws of your country do not allow online casinos of this type to operate. However, this doesn't mean that you can't play on CS:GO Empire. How to bypass the blockade?


Just download a free VPN to your computer or smartphone. Then choose a server from outside the banned countries (you can play from Poland, for example). Now you will be able to access the site normally, register and connect to your Steam account.


Try CS:GO roulette and match betting on CS:GO Empire

What game modes are available on CS:GO Empire?


  • CS:GO roulette – you have to pick one of the colors, bet a selected number of coins and hope that what you bet on will fall out. On CS:GO Empire, instead of black and red, there are coins symbolizing the sides in CS:GO – CT and TT (which double the bet) and black and yellow dice (which provide 14 times the bet).

  • Coin flip – two players face each other with a predetermined bet. The chance of winning is always 50%. The coin flip always decides the winner. This is the fastest way to earn plenty of coins.

  • Betting CS:GO matches – a module for real e-sports experts. You can bet on your favorite teams or those that you think can do best in a given tournament. The better you know the game's e-sports scene, the better your chances of winning!


CS:GO Empire code for free case

Before you start betting on CS:GO Empire, grab a promo code for a free case. The dreamcodes.gg team has prepared it especially for you! How to use it?


  1. Register on the site and link your Steam account.

  2. Go to the “bonus cases” tab.

  3. In the pop-up, type “coinsell” and accept.

  4. You will receive a free CS GO case to start, in which you will find CS:GO skins for pistol or AWP.


In addition, CS:GO Empire rewards returning players with free cases. Starting from level 1, every 20 consecutive levels you will gain access to better and better cases with increasingly valuable skins for guns, knives, and gloves.


At the beginning, you will receive 2x Rust Cases. You can convert the drop into coins and start slowly making a real fortune!


CS:GO Empire – script and fairness

Is CS:GO Empire trustworthy? Definitely. The site is based on a special script that generates random numbers. The result of the draw is already known before it starts. So, there is no chance of fraud, such as a special change of the result if players place valuable bets. For more information, see the “Fairness” tab. This is confirmed by opinions from players who have been betting on CS:GO Empire since 2015.


How to withdraw skins from CS:GO Empire betting site?

If you have collected enough coins, go to the “Withdraw” tab. Browse through the list of available CS:GO skins. You can also filter it to find what you might be interested in. Then offer an exchange offer and wait for a response. The waiting time is always indicated in the offer. After a few moments, the AWP skin of your dreams will be on your Steam account!