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How to play roulette and several other gambling games online on CSGO500?

CSGO500 is a modern online casino where you will find dozens of the most popular gambling games. Among the biggest casino hits you'll find at Casino 500 are:

  • Classic wheel of fortune – bet on black, red, gray, or yellow colors on the wheel. Remember that everyone has a different chance of hitting and a different win multiplier. Count on luck and win hundreds of dollars in less than a minute;

  • Roulette – black or red? Bet on one of the two colors and see what prize you win;

  • Crash – multiplier is constantly increasing, but at any moment the game can end. Take the opportunity, stop the game at the right moment and raise your stake by the multiplier you chose;

  • Plinko – bet where the ball bouncing off the obstacles will fall. If you hit it right, you will multiply your bet by up to 34 times!

  • Duels – something for fans of PvP modes. Bet on black or red color. If fate smiles on you, you will take the entire money from your opponent!


If you are not a fan of casino games, you will certainly be interested in bookmaking on CSGO500. Bet on the results of your favorite teams in the following games:

  • soccer,

  • volleyball,

  • basketball,

  • ice hockey,

  • rugby,

  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive,

  • DoTA,

  • Valorant,

  • Call of Duty,

  • and many, many more sports and e-sports games!


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CSGO500 referral code for coins and free bux by dreamcodes.gg

CSGO500 in 2022 has been upgraded. There are no longer coins on the site. There is only USD and a dozen different cryptocurrencies (including BitCoin or Ethereum).


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How to use Casino 500 2023 promo code?

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  2. Click the name of your account in the upper-right corner of the screen. From the drop-down list, select the “rewards” tab.

  3. In the “receive referral code” field, enter: COINSELL and click the “claim” button.

  4. You should receive a bonus of $1 to use on games and roulette at CSGO500.

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